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Co-op Conducting Member Survey

     At Pea River Electric, our mission is to meet your needs while providing you reliable energy 
services at the lowest possible cost. But, in order for us to better serve you, we need a 
little feedback. That’s why we’re currently conducting the 2020 Residential Member 
Satisfaction Survey, to learn more about you and how to better serve you in the future. 

     Pea River has partnered with research firm Inside Information, Inc. of Kansas City, 
Missouri, to conduct the survey via telephone and online.  Starting this week, randomlyselected co-op members will receiving postcards in the mail asking them to either go online 
and complete the survey, or take part in a telephone survey later. 

     The survey will consist of questions regarding your perceptions about your 
cooperative, along with basic questions and demographics, and other questions such as: 
1.  Length of service with the cooperative 
2.  Most recent contact with the cooperative 
3.  Cooperative satisfaction and loyalty 
4.  Value added products and services interest 
5.  Perception on energy efficiency, renewable energy and the environment 
6.  Awareness of Touchstone Energy 
7.  View on electric costs 
8.  Use of technology and personal communication opportunities (social media, texts, 
9.  mobile apps, etc.) 

     Your responses to these questions will allow us to determine ways we can 
enhance our customer service to better suit your needs. Rest assured that all information we gather will be kept strictly confidential and 
will not be shared with any third parties. 

     By participating in this short survey, you will help us learn more about your needs  
while assisting us in making important decisions about providing you reliable power and 
exceptional customer service. After all, at Pea River Electric, our members are the owners, 
and we are here to serve you. 

      Here are a couple of helpful tips for those trying to complete the survey online. 
When trying to log in to the survey, be sure to use your computer’s browser 
rather than inputting the information into a search engine like Google or Bing. If 
you’re trying to log into the survey on your cell phone, you can use the Safari 
browser to log in to the survey.

     For questions about the 2020 Residential Member Satisfaction Survey, contact 
Pea River Electric at 800-264-7732.

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