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Touchstone Energy Home

Pea River Electric Cooperative places great importance on energy efficient homes. Why? Because energy efficient homes save our members' hard-earned money.

Over time, building codes and common practices among builders and contractors made yesterday’s “energy efficient” home today’s standard model. Pea River Electric and other Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives across the area wanted to reward members for exceeding the ordinary standards by building or upgrading their homes to be more energy efficient and, at the same time, add value through the Touchstone Energy® brand.  As a result, the Touchstone Energy Home® was born.


To qualify for Touchstone Energy Home ® certification, an electric heat pump(s) and water heater(s) must be installed in new homes that meet seven of 12 energy-efficient features and improved homes that meet five of 12 energy-efficient features.  Infiltration control, electric heat pump(s) and electric water heater(s) for new and improved homes are mandatory and do not count as one of the home features.  Speculative builder and multi-family units must incorporate the same Touchstone Energy Home ® features as new or improved conventional homes.

The Touchstone Energy Home® features incorporate energy-saving features into building and remodeling plans.  The 12 Touchstone Energy Home® features are:

  1. R-16 wall insulation minimum
  2. R-38 attic insulation minimum & R-25 for roof / ceiling applications
  3. Attic ventilation required
  4. Recommend R-19 floor insulation for closed and opened crawl spaces
  5. Double pane windows required, metal windows must have thermal break
  6. Metal insulated doors
  7. Infiltration control (required)
  8. Electric heat pump (required)
  9. Electric water heating (required); tankless (point of use) applications are prohibited
  10. Exhaust system in kitchen and baths
  11. Exterior house wrap
  12. Recommend duct be located in conditioned area

Split and Packaged Heat Pumps certified must demonstrate a minimum SEER of 13 or more. Minimum Heat Season Performance Factor (HSPF) must be 6.8 to qualify.

For more information on the Touchstone Energy Home or energy efficiency, contact the Member Services Department at 1-800-264-7732.  


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